Ian Walker and Adam Dennes lead a deliberately small and close-knit team of architects who share a passion for delivering beautifully designed, bespoke, sustainable buildings for clients who care about the difference. We believe that bold, contemporary design can be combined with sound sustainable principles to transform the way we live.

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Ian Walker

RIBA ARB DipArch BA Hons

Trained at Bristol and Edinburgh Universities and graduated in 1986.
Ian was based in Edinburgh for 18 years, working on a wide range of types and sizes of projects before moving to Bath and forming CaSA Architects with Adam Dennes.
During his career he has developed a profound commitment to designing buildings in a sustainable way, believing that architecture has an important part to play in the collective stewardship of the planet. Ian aims to create buildings and places that integrate environmental sustainability with innovation and beauty; touching hearts and souls deeply whilst touching the earth lightly.

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Adam Dennes

DipArch Hons BSc

Trained at the University of Bath and bringing over 25 years in professional practice.
Adam has an enduring passion for well-considered contemporary design. His commitment stretches to even the most sensitive projects offering bespoke contemporary solutions that deliver quality, subtlety and elegance.
He has made residential architecture his specialty, driven by the satisfaction gained from working closely with private clients on their very personal and often life changing commissions. He believes strongly that everyone should benefit from great design.
Adam is committed to approaching every project by applying thoughtful and inventive attention to detail, crafting each and every part of a building even through to the interiors, where his skills in bespoke furniture design and specialist lighting can be used to maximum effect. His ability to understand the unique needs of each individual client enables him to deliver highly bespoke solutions, whatever the budget.

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Adrian Biles-Wood


Trained at the University of Cardiff and Birmingham City University and graduated in 2006. 
Adrian is passionate about the detail and brings great technical experience to the practice. His tenacity and precision from the post-planning stages through to administering contracts on site has resulted in a raft of award-winning buildings for the practice, including the RIBA award-winning home, Beacon Edge, Bath, and  two highly prized RIBA award-winning craft workshops at The Lantern Community in Ringwood.

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