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All Saints

This prominent and exceptionally rare plot is set within the very heart of the world heritage city of Bath, between two famous Crescents. It was once where the All Saints church stood, which was demolished after having been bombed in World War II.

Despite a vocal minority of locals and heritage bodies seeking Georgian pastiche on the site, CaSA managed to persuade the Planners that an exemplary 6 bedroom contemporary house would be more appropriate. Read more...

It is located at the end of a quiet and secluded lane falling away from Lansdown Crescent and commands fine and elevated views across the city to the south and glimpsed views through a belt of mature trees to the west, facing the rolling grassland of the adjoining golf course. By virtue of its position the property enjoys sunlight throughout the day and has the unusual characteristic of being within walking distance of the city but at the same time being on the rural edge. From Lansdown Crescent, above the site, the impact is minimal, with a series of slate roofs cascading down the hill in a fashion typical to Bath, set behind a high stone wall positioned on the footprint of the old church. To the South side, screened from view, the building language opens up to create a series of highly glazed facades and monpitched roofs, maximizing daylight deep into the plan and providing uninterrupted views across the city.

The building form gradually moves down the sloping site in a series of gentle and slight changes in level, allowing all principle rooms to take advantage of the stunning views. Fine ashlar stone and natural slate match the surrounding Crescents, but are detailed here in an appropriately contemporary manner to create a modern house which belongs to its very special setting. It is strongly contemporary in character as a direct response to the complexities of the site and the belief that this exceptional site demands a dramatic and inspirational architectural solution.

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    410 Sq m
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    Contemporary House | World Heritage Site | Unique Site