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Golf Course Road

This project is a complex and extensive remodeling exercise of an existing 1960 pitched roof sub-urban style building. The proposed scheme endeavors to reorganise and unite the former buildings incoherent form, employing a rigorous, honest and unashamedly contemporary architectural language. Conceptually, the scheme is conceived as a series of smaller, solid volumes, interposed by full height glazed elements. The smaller volumes act to break down any perceived mass of the building, while creating a strategy which is sufficiently tolerant to accommodate the awkward misalignment of the existing external walls. This misalignment is turned to advantage, as the pushing and pulling of the smaller volumes articulates each façade, adding variation in shadow and depth to each elevation. Read more...

The more public west façade is a careful balance between full height glazing to maximize the outstanding views, and solid masonry elements to conceal service zones, access stairs and to meet statutory requirements. A razor thin roof plane projects above the glazed areas, providing a sheltered deck and protecting the internal spaces from excessive solar gain.

The retained existing structure is externally wrapped in a high performance insulating jacket. This approach negates the numerous thermal and moisture problems created by internally insulating the walls, and provides far more scope for thermal improvement than by using any existing cavity.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    500 Sq m
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    World Heritage Site | Maximise Views