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Little Chalfield

Making the most of the limited space available was fundamental to the success of the design at Little Chalfield.

The brief... to extend and reorganise an existing Wiltshire barn by introducing dynamic and flexible living spaces to suit the varied needs of a young family.
Using clever space saving solutions including 'floating' cupboard room dividers and sliding walls throughout meant that zones and rooms could be subtly defined without introducing corridors, creating privacy as and when required by simply sliding a door into place. Read more...

It has been a total pleasure working with the team at CaSA. I had very fixed ideas about what I wanted to achieve yet they were able to enrich the project with inspiration and creativity. Their attention to detail and gentle professionalism was a joy!

Sarah Phoa, Little Chalfield, Wiltshire

The open plan kitchen/dining/living area helps to reinstate a sense of the original vaulted byre with large hardwood glazed doors sliding completely away to enable the space to flow seamlessly into the garden.

Cantilevered hardwood louvres were introduced to prevent overheating in the summer while allowing maximum solar gain in winter.

This connection between old and new works so successfully in such a generous open plan space largely down to the fine level of detail applied to relatively inexpensive materials, which have been consistently throughout the interior. This crisp detailing contrasts well with the rustic solidity of the barn itself, creating a wonderful contemporary feel to the resulting home.

Pivot doors in bedrooms and elsewhere allow substantial and beautiful framed views, while solid side panels provide controlled natural ventilation as required ensuring that the space is comfortable as well as beautiful.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    150 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Repurposed building | Extension | Light and open