Melksham Cricket Club

CaSA Architects provided a solution to a new build pavilion for the Melksham Cricket Club that was destroyed by fire. The scheme incorporated research and findings by the England and Wales Cricket board on the best practice design of cricket pavilions. This ensures the pavilion is sited with the best view of the action possible with regard to direction and angle of view and solar glare. The layout addresses both the functional needs of the pavilion, and the established access routes and constraints of the site.

The proposed plan is extrapolated into a dynamic 3d form which exploits a cost effective construction strategy whilst providing interesting, light and open internal spaces and a robust, architecturally progressive external envelope.


The proposed building is wrapped along its length in black corrugated cement boards, borrowing from low cost agricultural solutions. This cladding peels back at key openings and reveals a warm, natural timber lining. The sheltered spectator area is protected by a metal roller shutter when not in use. A simple timber framed ‘hood’ sits on top of a cost effective portal frame structure, pulling light in to the central space, and situated to favour the home team’s side upon entrance. This provides an interesting and dynamic form both inside and out. A reveal is created to accommodate a covered terrace at the front of the pavilion. The material palette is robust, long lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    240 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Community Cricket Pavilion