North Farm

A sustainable contemporary version of a classic English country house set within its own landscaped gardens, the design looks forward to the future through an understanding and respect of the past. Two central chimneys and overhanging eaves help to anchor and connect the house with the open landscape. When seen within the wider AONB context, it reads as a recognisable traditional form, however as one gets closer it becomes clear that it is subtly contemporary. Read more...

The design takes a fabric first approach to sustainability; to minimise energy demands through the good insulation and air tightness, and considered building orientation. Use of renewable energy technologies such as solar collectors, ground source heat pumps are then designed to compliment this.

The house is laid out with the principal spaces orientated to the south to maximise views and passive solar gain through large windows and doors. Smaller rooms are located on the north side with less glazing to help reduce heat loss.

A pool building and garage are proposed as very simple and subservient outbuildings which form a gateway to the front of the house, similar in scale and form to traditional farm out-buildings. Together they create a coherent group of new build proposals in keeping with their landscape setting.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    590 Sq m
  • Key info:
    AONB | Renewable technologies | Environmental orientation