Family living wing viewed at night.

Priors Dean

Achieving planning in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was beginning to feel more like achieving the Holy Grail by the time the owners of this ambitious project in Hampshire finally found CaSA. They were determined not to give up despite spending nearly two years failing to achieve planning consent up until then. So what was driving their steely determination? Read more...

Improving the quality of life for our family was paramount. One of our daughters suffers from a neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome, which affects her development both mentally and physically. By creating a home environment that nurtures her in a relatively safe and stimulating way has enhanced all our lives beyond measure.

Neil Blackley, Homeowner, Priors Dean, Hampshire

The overall concept was for a sustainable, energy efficient and contemporary home that respects this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while at the same time offering the added benefit of being a care facility. In fact the intention is to open the house up to local charities of other special needs children thus benefiting many people over the years to come. The final building feels light and open, and despite being designed to be opened up to others in this way, still cleverly manages to feel like a family home.

The proposal was to re-build and extend an existing twentieth century thatched cottage, removing a large and ugly 1950s extension, and to design two brand new contemporary buildings to sit alongside it. Using dynamic modelling software, the environmental engineers carried out detailed environmental modelling, which was used to fine tune the design of the fabric of the house and its heating and ventilation systems, ensuring comfortable interior conditions throughout the year.

The resulting 690m2 home takes full advantage of the spectacular views from the site, in particular from their study space, dining area and main bedrooms. It also includes The Carer’s Cottage, which was intended to house their daughter’s full-time care assistant, who is employed to be available at all times. It was treated as an integral part of the overall scheme, following similar design elements featured in the main house. CaSA takes pride in using quality natural materials in new ways and in particular focused on using zinc to express the fine roof edge and curving nature of the form.

The scheme also includes an internal swimming pool, therapy suite and sensory room to aid their daughter’s special needs. The sensory garden adjacent to the pool, also designed with their daughter’s special needs in mind, is a delightful spot that is enjoyed by the whole family in the summer.

  • Location:
    Petersfield, Hampshire
  • Size:
    780 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Fully accessible dwelling | AONB | Highly bespoke
  • Awards:

    Homebuilding & Renovation Awards

    (Highly Commended)