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Seymour Place

CaSA have recently gained planning consent for a large contemporary family country house of approx 1350m2 (14,500 sq ft), including a full basement, set on a sensitive site in an important listed forest/parkland.

It was essential to our client that all the principal rooms faced towards the open parkland to the south and one tree in particular which they loved. CaSA's response to was the arc plan which at the same time responded to the curved tree lined boundary to the parkland. Read more...

The simple concept is for a passive solar house orientated around both the sun path and the large tree. It responds to the curve of the trees forming the existing clearing, as a 'boundary' building sitting between the two very different landscapes of woodland and open parkland and as a response to client's love of this particular cedar tree, which sits at the focal point.

The intention is to return the existing private garden to parkland, bringing it up to the house. The concept incorporates a solid stone elevation to the north, broken up and dominated by adjoining woodland with few small openings, in contrast to an open, largely glazed façade to the south and the parkland.

A fragmented series of curved wall planes allow movement into and around the house, whilst emphasising the drama of progressing from dense woodland to open parkland.

The owners have a fine collection of artworks and antiques and the house has been designed to display and protect them in ideal conditions. The environmental strategy has been developed in conjunction with environmental consultants King Shaw. We also needed to overcome complex ecological issues such as bat mitigation, reptiles etc.

Environmentally the house works simply with heavy well insulated solid stone walls to the north, heavy weight concrete floors and extensively glazed walls to the south which gather in passive solar gain. The whole building will be insulated to passive house standards and constructed of concrete slabs (making extensive use of ground granulated blast furnace slag in place of cement) on dense block walls to provide thermal mass with a natural passive ventilation strategy in conjunction with solar shading to ensure comfortable summer temperatures.

Heating and hot water will be via a woodchip boiler (using wood grown on the estate) and solar panels to achieve a low carbon footprint. We aim to achieve somewhere between levels 4 and 5 on the code for sustainable homes.

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    1300 Sq m
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    Listed Landscape | Highly bespoke | Contemporary House