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Westwood Road

The building dates back to the early 1800’s but has undergone a series of unsympathetic alterations which result in the house being unsightly and uncoordinated. The principle objectives of the proposals were to rationalise both the external appearance and internal layout; add a contemporary garden room extension which offers a direct connection with the garden and to carry out an extensive eco-refurbishment. The internal layout and organisation of the house was rearranged to provide large, well lit spaces with views out to the surrounding 0.6 hectare site through enlarged and reoriented window openings. The addition of a single storey rear extension transforms connectivity between the key living spaces. Read more...

Alongside the layout improvements was an ambitious environmental agenda which pursued the Passivhaus principles to minimise the building's energy consumption; extensive insulation, exceptional airtightness with mechanical ventilation were all exploited to these ends. Renewable heat sources supplemented this fabric first approach and included; solar hot water and a wood burning stove with back boiler and thermal store, all delivered through an under-floor heating network. Dynamic modelling was utilised to fine tune the design of the thermal envelope and heating strategy to balance heat loss and excessive heat gain to ensure comfortable conditions were achieved all year round.

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    260 Sq m
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    High efficiency | Renewable technologies