Church Road

This grade 2 listed property within the conservation area of Combe Down Village forms the end of a charming terrace of Georgian cottages. Having undergone several phases of development, this application rectifies several of the more modern interventions. The interior layout of the house has also been rationalised, resolving fundamental shortcomings which previously impeded the functionality of the family home.

The new design includes a roof covered with traditional lead trays and highly insulated. This allows for a lower roof pitch, increasing the subservience of the single storey element against the principle front façade.  The roof form allows the eaves line along the east elevation to remain level, reducing the visual impact of the single storey volume.  An in plane roof light, set back against the two storey volume, allows light to penetrate deep into the plan. The single story volume is contemporary in its nature, providing a clear reading of the building’s heritage. Read more...

Externally, the overhanging eaves provide shading to the glazed areas and offers shelter to the south-facing external terrace. On the east side, high level glazing separates the roof from the rubble stone wall. Casement windows on later developments were replaced with sash windows to match the existing on the original house. Internally, an existing opening was widened to allow the kitchen to flow into the dining area. With the kitchen relocated into the new single storey volume, an effective mechanical extract has been installed, alleviating damp problems caused by condensation from cooking.

  • Location:
    Combe Down, Bath
  • Size:
    130 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Listed Building | Conservation Area