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Hayesbrow is an extensive refurbishment and extension of an existing late 19th Century detached villa in Hayesfield Park, Bath. The existing property had been left gutted by the previous owner and CaSA were appointed to refresh, extend and, essentially, breathe new life into the elegantly proportioned existing house. Read more...

The design comprises of a two-storey extension to the north which maintains the sophisticated stone detailing of the original house but sits back from it to emphasise its historic character. The single-storey extension to the south adopts and reinterprets the classical dimensions of the original house whilst providing a clear delineation between the old and new. With newly created dining and living areas, the extension’s zinc roof projects over the glazing, providing shade and shelter from which to enjoy the newly landscaped terrace and gardens.

Significant interventions were also made to the original home, to centralise front door and celebrate the entrance sequence in a way that befits the historic façade. Quality, natural materials are used throughout and the existing roof was completely removed and insulated to improve the thermal performance of the historic building fabric. This project proves that, through careful intervention, there is no reason why owners of historic buildings cannot enjoy the comforts of contemporary architecture.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    300 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Contemporary Extension | World Heritage Site
  • Awards:

    LABC / BANES Design Quality Award 2017