The proposal is for an enlarged replacement dwelling built to a high environmental standard using quality materials representative of the building's location within a conservation area. The scheme presents a significant improvement over the existing mundic-block dwelling on the site and thus aims to provide an attractive enhancement to the conservation area.

The principle objectives of the scheme is to form a more attractive and energy efficient home for the client, providing them with a design and layout more suited to their lifestyle (they both work principally from home) and ongoing commitment to sustainability. The overall appearance of the dwelling through its materiality, composition and placement within the site has been carefully considered both to work within the Conservation Area minimising its impact upon its surroundings. Read more...

The scheme has been developed to work with the challenging site with respect to the existing topography, orientation and the surrounding trees. There are steeply sloping banks to the north and south of a small, relatively flat plateau that has been cut into the hillside. This has been a determining factor on the width of the proposed house and has informed the linear form of the scheme. The layout of the house has been developed with smaller windows giving framed distant views out to the north and wide open views through the glazing areas facing west into the mature private garden. The form of the building has been developed to reduce the visual impact of the scheme from within the conservation area and surrounding area, by breaking down the single storey facade facing the north side into two separate blocks.

The layout of the proposed scheme has been considered with respect to the overall scale of the building and its placement on the site. The entrance to the house is via a pathway along the north face of the living room which overlaps with the hallway, study and bedroom block to the east. The hallway space has been planned to provide views in all directions connecting all parts of the house from a central point. To the west of the hallway the living room benefits from access and views down the garden with a connection through into the south facing Kitchen Dining space. To the east of the central hallway there are 2 studies and a guest bedroom on the ground floor with a small shower room, and at the end of the corridor there is a view out to the existing outbuilding which is to be retained. The Master Bedroom is located at first floor level on the south side of the building with a bathroom occupying the roof space above the studies below. The south facing pitch of the master bedroom provides a discrete elevated platform for the proposed PV's and solar thermal panels, which will reduce the energy demands of the proposed dwelling.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    210 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Conservation Area | High efficiency