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Gloucestershire House

Gloucestershire House will provide a new build dwelling to replace a previous house on an existing farm. Its positioning on the site defines the historic stable yard of the farm complex, with the stable yard being enclosed on three sides by the entrance façade of the dwelling, the retained granary cottage, and the existing single storey stable buildings.

Its layout is organised around a top lit double height entrance hall, allowing natural light to fill the heart of the house. The entrance hall also features a log burning stove, meaning that the space will provide a welcoming entrance during all seasons. Flat roofed single storey kitchen and reception room spaces extend out from two storey pitched volume. The form opens out to a private garden at the back, whilst the north façade on the courtyard side of the house acts as a formal entrance. Read more...

The floor plan of the house has been carefully considered to keep circulation space to a minimum, and cleverly uses efficient storage spaces. A cast stone and timber louvered veranda creates solar shading and strong articulated shadows to the ground floor. This is acts to create a particularly pleasant space to the exterior patio areas of the south-facing garden.

A varied yet cohesive material palette has been used to great effect and promotes materials of high quality that will age well. Light toned brick of the ground floor helps relate the building to its landscape, whilst subtly referencing the surrounding farm buildings. The upper floor is clad in naturally durable timber, giving the house a contemporary agricultural feel. Zinc roofing completes all-natural material palette, and ensures a low ridge line by achieving a shallower pitch than would be possible with traditional roof forms and materials.

  • Location:
  • Size:
    300 Sq m
  • Key info:
    Contemporary New House