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Lansdown Cottage

CaSA have recently achieved Planning consent for this new 4 bedroom house on the upper slopes of Lansdown in Bath. Our client owns a substantial house with a large garden and wished to build a new contemporary house in part of the garden for their retirement. We worked closely with the Planners to resolve some complex site restrictions including access on to the site, overlooking from surrounding houses and working around a number of mature trees. This design has managed to overcome all these issues and with a first floor living room managed to exploit the wonderful views across the valley. The ground floor family spaces flow out into the garden and are focused around a beautiful maple tree. Other trees and carefully positioned windows have maintained privacy. Read more...

The house has also been designed to maximize it’s potential for renewable technologies, with solar thermal and photovoltaic panels integrated with roof glazing on a low pitched south facing roof. A highly insulated and air tight envelope, underfloor heating and building mass will lead to an extremely comfortable and efficient home throughout the year, with extremely low running costs. Rainwater harvesting and an air source heat pump further reduce the house’s carbon footprint.

Quality natural materials such as bath stone, zinc and cedar are detailed to provide a crisp contemporary but appropriately subtle language for this most sensitive of Bath neighbourhoods.

  • Location:
    Lansdown, Bath
  • Size:
    260 Sq m
  • Key info:
    World Heritage Site | Tree preservation order
  • Awards:

    Regional LABC Award (Winner)
    National LABC Award (Highly Commended)